Testimonials / Student Reviews



  “Scott has a great way of breaking down lot’s of subject matter and bringing those examples into real life scenarios. Very helpful, excellent class and I highly recommend Scott to anyone that needs any kind of Real Estate education. Thank you again. I really enjoyed the class.”  ~ B. Hovan

 “I highly recommend the course to others. You’re given all the tools to succeed and pass the exams. Scott was very knowledgeable and the lectures were invaluable and relevant — I could hear his voice in my head while taking the exam as I was weighing the options for answers to the questions. I passed both the national and the state on my first try.”               

~ N. Sarcia

 “Outstanding class. Outstanding Instructor. All the info you need to pass the exam, with lots of bonus info to prepare you for the field. I have attended two Real Estate schools in the past, and Scott’s training is far superior.”  ~ M. Maynard

 “Scott was amazing!! Anyone who is looking to take this course needs to have Scott as their teacher. With all his experience and knowledge, I couldn’t imagine having taken this course from anyone else. Thank you Scott!!”  ~ A. Contarino

 “This class surpassed expectations. Scott is a wonderful teacher and made the class very engaging. I feel well-prepared for my exam and i would recommend this class to others who are looking to get their real estate licenses.”  ~ S. Bakhtiari

 “Scott was a great instructor!! Not only did his classes prepare us for the exam (passed on the first try!), but we also had a lot of fun, had engaging conversations, and got great, practical, and useful insight from Scott. Highly, highly recommend taking class with him! Thanks again!”  ~ K. O'Sullivan

 "We had a great time discussing real life obstacles that really go beyond what you learn in the textbook and helped me pass my exam! Scott made it fun and relatable! Would definitely recommend him ! Thanks Scott!"  ~ N. Frieden

 "Scott was a great teacher and made the long classes enjoyable. He covered a ton of material. I found myself looking forward to the next class and was disappointed when the course was over.  Can't say enough about Scott or this course."  ~ R. Holloran

 "From beginning to end, Scott holds your attention with an excellent PP presentation and side stories of his long experience. He was especially helpful after the course was completed when I had follow up questions prior to the exam. If your considering a RE career, Scott’s the guy!"  ~ F. Massaro

 "Amazing teacher and person!"  ~ M. Melanson

 "Hi everyone I need to speak on this class it was fantastic! Scott was a very involved and informative teacher. After finishing the 1 month 40 hour class I had little to no concerns towards passing my license exam. On top of just passing the test I was taught so much more about this field of work. It is sure to be extremely helpful towards my future career. I can not thank this man enough for everything he has done for me!! Best of luck to all the soon to be agents reading this! " ~ K. Gould

 Scott was a great instructor and very engaging, using self experience to make it more personable. We all had a lot of fun and learned a lot. 5 stars in my book! "  ~ J. Serino

 "Scott somehow made a 10hr/day class extremely enjoyable. His approach to the real estate industry really shows his 20+years of experience. He was engaging and knowledgeable. I suggest anyone who is thinking about taking real estate course to go with Scott." ~ B. Nash 

  "I’m happy to have gone with this class! Scott was a fun and engaging instructor with a warm and welcoming disposition. He was patient in answering all our questions and always took his time to review material we were unclear about. He made what could have potentially been a painful class – especially one on weekends over the holidays – into an interactive learning experience. He was also great about teaching with situational examples to provide insight and help explain concepts and best practices. His years of experience (25+) added great value to the course. Thank you, Scott! I would certainly recommend Scott's real estate school for your real estate licensing course. Get it!! " ~ D. Antiqua